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Due Diligence

We conduct thorough due diligence prior to launching a mandate. The diligence review is designed to benefit the fund manager, identifying potential opportunities and challenges up-front for an effective launch. The diligence is also beneficial to prospective investors, who can access Fortress Group's work as part of their fund review.

  • Study the investment strategy and decision-making process
  • Identify differentiating characteristics of firm and strategy
  • Evaluate market conditions for the strategy
  • Analyze historic and future potential performance
  • Assess competitive advantages in sourcing deals
  • Evaluate organization, departures and hires, and impact on track record attribution
  • Identify potential obstacles to a successful fundraise

Strategic Planning

Successful fundraises are built on careful planning in the early stages of the process. We work with our clients to develop a plan for the timing and steps of the fundraise, as well as the underlying structure and terms of the offering.

  • Advise on fund structuring and appropriate fund terms, given market conditions and fund strategy
  • Develop a customized, differentiated marketing strategy
  • Advise on optimal timing of fund launch
  • Define process for marketing to existing LPs for re-ups
  • Identify investor segments to target and develop timeline
  • Strengthen GP’s offering with introductions to well-qualified service providers, including: attorneys, accountants, fund administration services, regulatory consultants, public relations firms, website designers, recruiting firms, and presentation coaches


Early feedback, even before the PPM is complete and full marketing has begun, is critical to a successful fundraise. Preliminary conversations with a small group of investors can provide informative input to ensure the fund is clearly positioned and differentiated.

  • Prepare summary with key offering details
  • Identify select group of “first look” investors likely interested in the fund strategy
  • Schedule selective premarketing conversations to collect early feedback
  • Gauge market interest and refine fund positioning

Materials and Content Development

We have the experience and resources to prepare the materials required for a successful fundraise, acting as an extension of our clients’ staff. For clients that need less support in content development, we can focus on only those gaps in your materials.

  • Draft business sections of the private placement memorandum
  • Develop comprehensive, compelling marketing presentation
  • Coach management team for investor roadshow presentations
  • Compile supplemental due diligence package, including: FAQs; cash flow detail; historical investment case studies; benchmarking of the manager's prior investment funds; firm background; resumes of professionals; references, etc.
  • Set up and manage the electronic data room
  • Develop email templates to ensure consistent quality of communication
  • Respond to questionnaires and RFPs from prospective investors and consultants
  • Draft notices of important developments related to the fund


Strong relationships and credibility with investors are critical elements for a successful fundraise. We staff each assignment with senior professionals, ensuring that all discussions with potential investors are knowledgeable, consistent, and value-added for the investor.

  • Identify, qualify, and prioritize prospective investors and consultants
  • Introduce the fund to targeted investors, representing the strategy clearly
  • Distribute marketing material to targeted investors and their advisors
  • Follow up proactively until interest level is determined
  • Schedule meetings and conference calls
  • Plan and coordinate efficient investor roadshows
  • Coordinate on-site visits at fund manager's office
  • Brief the fund manager on the prospective investor prior to each meeting
  • Attend investor meetings and document the discussions
  • Identify any issues and follow-up information required by prospective investors
  • Coordinate investor requests for relationships continuity
  • Facilitate communication regarding partnership amendments or side letters
  • Pursue interested investors for definitive decisions, to secure completed documents and fund closings

Targeted Assignments

In addition to providing comprehensive placement services, Fortress Group offers solutions for smaller projects. We can design a customized assignment to augment our clients’ existing resources or other fundraising efforts.

  • Targeted placement assistance: select investor segment or region only; top-up mandate to finish off a fundraise
  • Strategic planning advisory: surveying the market and assessing the fund manager’s offering to develop a go-to-market strategy
  • Secondary placement: source secondary investors and manage execution for best structure and terms
  • Content development only: offering memorandum, investor presentations, due diligence questionnaires, etc.
  • Investor relations only: for fund managers in between fundraises, and who do not have sufficient staff to maintain investor relationships